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Haikun demonstrated how Entechs innovative process of recycling tires into micron-size rubber powders (MRPs) offers a low cost and environmentally friendly solution for adding elastomeric properties to thermoplastic parts. Its rare for companies to achieve ISO certification in this niche, says Bender. Tire recycling presents many challenges to producing consistent raw materials. Until now, MRP was typically only used for imprecise applications such as infill, turf and track surfaces. Entechs achievement sets them apart as the leader in MRP formulation and processing of finished parts. According to Lavon Detweiler , Entechs CEO, the ISO certification process of standardizing processes, metrics and training has institutionalized a continuous improvement culture at Entech. We keep raising the bar for plastic component applications, he says. At first we were just looking for imprecise, bulky parts that would simply benefit from improved weatherability, flexibility, memory, impact resistance, stress resistance and surface grip. As we met with automotive materials engineers and other plastics professionals we quickly realized there is a much bigger potential. We can in fact achieve tight tolerances and incredible surface finishes. We have a big picture objective to advance the MRP thermoplastics technology.

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